Dandylion riot poetry & book tour 2020 | Coast to coast


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What and Why?

Patreon is a site that allows a deeply profound connection between artists and their patrons. This site allows folks to become patrons of the artist by making monthly donations to their programs. By supporting me and the Dandylion Riot Poetry Tour on Patreon, you are making a tremendous difference to the ability for this artist to spread the parachute seeds of arts, community and poetry.

This year-long tour is much more than another poetry reading, I am traveling across the US to find and support all sorts of artists, writers, nature lovers, communal living spaces and to connect folks from around the US who share a love and belief in arts.

There are a number of "tiers" on my Patreon page, you can support and stay updated with just a contribution of $1 per month, or get access to new work (written and visual), videos, tarot readings, VIP entry at my events for slightly larger monthly contributions. At the $50/month or more tiers, you also get connected to my private Discord server where you can talk directly with me and other Dandylion Riot folks.

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