As It Ought to Be

Cycles of Grief go On and On over at AIOTB!

... For the abandoned
it feels like everyone
is beating on them for their whole lives
and they are the only ones paying the price ...

Nixes Mate Review

read the poem "White Lies" on this fantastic Spring issue of a wonderful online mag! poem too short for a glimpse <3

As It Ought to Be

read the poem "Reflections in the Window of My First Car" over at the inimitable AIOTB.

...  Then I catch a glimpse of myself
in the reflection of the window
and see my face covered
in armadillo stamps
from goofing around
with Sam after school,
who we, of course, all called Scooby. 

Former People

3 poems up at Former People: Snippets of Poems that Didn't Make it into Poems, Old Dogs, Brother D.


Wish we were all tourists
just here to see the sights.

I never met a free cow once
only jailed cows.

The grief of an uninspired kiss.

No condolences, only fishing tips. 


RISK! podcast

listen to "A Day at the Park"

This is the story of the day my son and I had a "family meeting" about him coming out as transgender. Thankful to say that all is looking up with our family today!

Thimble Lit Mag

read the poem, "Things I Have in Common with Luke Skywalker"

no preview! it's too short! Plus you should read this entire magazine. enjoy.

Ghost City Review

read the poem, "Miley Cyrus Makes an Honest Mistake"

... she knows death is knocking on her rib cage
shaking the bars of her heart to rattle
rattling like the poison and desert snakes
and the children are caterwauling
her throat seizes, she’s caught
suddenly the water is too cold
too cold, she will get hypothermia
her body will collapse 

Trailer Park Quarterly

read the poem, "Coffee at Last"

...  After breakfast was cleared
he and I stayed the table
reading the Sunday paper
with the last of the coffee
he reached over
hand gnarled deep
skin translucent delicate
and gripped my arm
with the strength
of a hard life long lived. 

Philosophical Idiot

read the poem "Doctors"

...  I bleed
my heart beats too fast
my insides revolt and stage
bearing flags bearing
the name disease 

Inbetween Hangovers

read the poem "Even Though I Love You Telling Me No"

"...face to face
with whiskers and fangs,
I wondered about the surety
of not leaving this life

We both know
this is the sort of question
without an answer."


The Wild Word

read the poem "Some Quick of Hope"

... the river is for letting go the sweat of the cage
is the place for inventing what comes next
and here is where we come together to decide
how and what we name the unknown future 

Rye Whiskey Review

read the poem, "Never Turn Down a Glass of Sweet Tea"

... very few people will just walk into nowhere
and not really care whether or not they get where
they are going because part of them already believes
they are exactly where they should be 

cutest note: Jason Baldinger and I wrote poems for each other, read his here!

Winedrunk Sidewalk

I was heckin happy to have two poems selected for Winedrunk's November 2018 blog featuring women poets!

read the poem, "Water is a Woman"

... water is a woman see how she fits
into whatever vessel you devise for her
watch her overflow
watch her evaporate away
you must vacuum seal her
to keep her tight in your jar  

read the poem, "Family Tradition"

... The parents who made you
try to kill you as surely
it's the family tradition 

The Kansas City Podcast

listen to the podcast here

"Jeanette and Cole's discussion hits a multitude of topics including poetry slams, the power of the spoken word, up and coming artists, and Cole’s sweet rhymes. Then, on the KC Quiz, Jeanette takes us on a wild river adventure."

Lit KC Podcast

listen to the podcast here

Me and host Jason Preu talk about robots and ice cream ... or something!


Easily my FAVORITE podcast, join hosts Daniel and Margaret as they discuss poetry and mental health. Apparently they've had me on three times!

Listen to the most recent podcast with JP here

listen to the first podcast with JP here

this podcast features some of the OAC gang


KC Writes Podcast

Jessica Conoley interviews JP  about: 

• What happened when she quit listening to business people and start listening to arts people in order to make the Arts Bar succeed.
• What it’s like to find an artistic voice with angst while letting go of the rage.
• What gives her the courage to share her work when it is so vulnerable and personal.
• Jeanette’s amazing ability to create safe spaces for other creatives.
• How writers block led her to visual art.
• About her real life rendezvous with James Tiberius Kirk.
• And so much more! 

Lauren Scharhag Blog

JP meets with the amazing Lauren Scharhag and talks the Earthworms & Stars book.

Catfish McDaris interview

Scroll down a bit on this wacky page to read JP talk about Stubborn Mule and stuff.

JP on Poets & Writers

This listing makes JP the real deal, or something.

JP on ArtsUpload

Watch this amazing video that KC's public television made for JP of their poem, Little Jenny Sue.

JP's Youtube channel

There are so many unusual videos on JP's youtube feed, grab yourself a buzz and enjoy.