Books by JP

Little Jenny Sue


Fiction, published by EMP Books, December 2018, purchase here.

A short story written from the perspective of a 9 year old girl in the 1980's. Heartbreaking and uplifting, this is the first official fiction release by JP.

"I just read "Little Jenny Sue" and cried a bunch. It's fine. I'm fine." --Nadia Wolnisty of Thimble Lit Mag

Sparkle Princess vs. Suicidal Phoenix


Poetry, published by Spartan Press, December 2018. Purchase here.

The first ever 'new and selected' full-length book by poet-artist Jeanette Powers, "Sparkle Princess vs. Suicidal Phoenix" covers works as far back as 2008 and focuses on some of the most delightful, funny poems and some of the most heartbroken.This book is the quintessential collection of a decade's worth of work. 

"Jeanette Powers likes to push boundaries in her life and in her art. In this wonderful and commanding collection she’s pushing and pushing, letting go of “the collar and the leash” and making a “bed of all the junk mail / never read and never missed.”"

--Mike James, author of First-Hand Accounts from Made-Up Places

America Stabbed James T Kirk in the Arm with a #2 Pencil


Poetry, published by Kung Fu Treachery Press July 2018. purchase here.

 A brutal and funny poetic journey about the pain of state and womanhood, political and personal revolving around the itinerary of corporate America. The book centers (barely) on an episode of Star Trek entitled "Journey to Babel". This is not a fan-book though, it is a staggeringly triggering anarcho-feminist manifesto.

"Every line is a punch line." --fellow who wears his bike helmet inside the bar the entire night 



poetry, published by NightBallet Press, April 2018. purchase here.

" Gasconade is a delightful romp through the little moments that matter, the big stories that define a life, and the special people one never forgets. Powers artfully tells tales and repeats conversations, letting the reader in on secrets, epiphanies, and hilarities, sometimes thrilling, sometimes gruesome, always fascinating. "

--Dianne Borsenik, publisher

To Grow a Hole the Size of Everything


Poetry/visual art collaboration with Jason Preu, published-ish 2019 by Stubborn Mule Press. purchase here

Over 100 full-color pages illuminating Preu's stunning poem, To Grow a Hole the Size of Everything. This hybrid book represents 9 months of drawings and paintings, a true epic. Must be seen to be seen.

Perfectly Good Muses: the collected apologies of Jeanette Powers


poetry, published by Spartan Press, December 2017. purchase here.

This lighthearted book of odes is a tribute to the many loves of Jeanette Powers, all barely coded by metaphor. Poems to Dragon Hoards, Snowglobes, Parasitic Wasps, the Hokey Pokey, Silly Putty and more.

Apologies are included for a number of the muses!

More books !

Beautiful Earthworms & Abominable Stars: a tribute to Jason Ryberg


poetry split with Ezhno Martin, published by EMP, August 2017. purchase here.

" Earthworms & Stars was the first book in Spartan Press's POP Poetry Series, which put out one book of poetry EVERY month for 36 consecutive months by Kansas City locals and regional friends. Jeanette Powers was co-conspirator for the project as well as first release. Her feral poetry is sweet as the dried possum blood on your dogs face."

--Ezhno Martin

Don't Lose Your Head


poetry, published by EMP, June 2017. purchase here.

This experimental book investigates the moment JP found out the true story of her father's death. She investigates cycles of family abuse and how that explains so much of her childhood. Drawings, song excerpts, completely unique design, and radical emotional outpouring make this book JP's only confessional, and an absolute must-have from her works.

The Cosmic Lost and Found


poetry split with Meghan Specksgoor, published by Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective April 2017. purchase here.

Poems about things we cannot find and don't know how we lost.

Novel Cliche


aphorisms, published by 39 West Press November 2016. purchase here.

" Poet Jeanette Powers, well-known for her quips, presents her first collection of modern maxims. Novel Cliché: Aphorisms is a book of simple thoughts, or micropoems, that range from humorous to potent to pointing, and each adage is memorably quotable. "

--jd tulloch

Tiny Chasm


poetry, published by 39 West Press June 2016. purchase here.

This book is the collected works of JP from 1996-2016. When I turned 40, I pledged to never fuck with the old shit again. It's all in this book now.

Earthworms & Stars


poetry, published by Spartan Press January 2015. sold out.

This was the inaugural book in the trendsetting POP POETRY: #12poetsin12months sequence which saw 36 KC poets published between Jan. 2015 and Dec. 2017.

More & MOre books by jp

Absolute Futility


poetry, published by Write the Future Press, August 2012. sold out.

JP's first book of poetry!



Art book, unpublished. Available by request. @

This book is a companion for the poetry book, Don't Lose Your Head, and explores the time period JP believed she was dead due to a serious medical injury.

It is full-color exploration into the depths of a heart destroyed by PTSD.

Suicidal Phoenix


 Art book, unpublished. Available by request. @ 

Full color book with a single poem as thread throughout, it is a story of redemption and hope after descending into one's own dark heart.



 Art book, unpublished. Available by request. @ 

This large format, full color book of paintings is an exquisite essay on womanhood. Gentle and brilliant, this book explores the tender and virile of femmes.



 Art book, unpublished. Available by request. @ 

"Other" destroys another binary system, that of self | other. Full color, tiny and delightful. 

May Your


 Art book, unpublished. Available by request. @ 

This book is purely black and white drawings from a time when JP only drew with her eyes closed.