Dandylion riot poetry & book tour 2020 | Coast to coast

Dandylion riot poetry & book tour 2020 | Coast to coast

Dandylion riot poetry & book tour 2020 | Coast to coastDandylion riot poetry & book tour 2020 | Coast to coast


Dandylion riot tour books

Dandylion Riot


This book of poetry chronicles all the poetry fit to print from the last two years writing. It covers an immense amount of experience: mental health, love found and lost, persona poems, life on the river, family histories, ekphrastic poetry and poetry for the revolution.

Victimless Crime


Victimless Crime is a gut wrenching grenade of a story that hits the nerve of every person who’s stayed too long in a toxic relationship. The story plays out through three days of a woman waiting for her partner to come out of his bedroom: where she’s actually sure he’s dead of an overdose or suicide, but will not open the door to check on him. Our unreliable narrator bounces between memory and moment to tell a tale of profound revelation, deep trauma, and how to navigate and survive a world full of addiction, sexual abuse, rape, self-harm, mental illness and toxic relationships.

Books by JP

Perfectly Good Muses: the collected apologies of JP


Poetry, published by Spartan Press, December 2018. 

This little delightful book almost never got made due to a REALLY demeaning review by an academic ne'er-do-well. Fortunately, the Baron sorta bullied me into letting it get published and now it is by far my favorite of the past books. She is fun, metaphorical, light and heavy, it's just a pleasure of a book to read.

Many of the poems include the actual "apologies" and there are lots of laughs and things to relate to.

America Stabbed James T Kirk in the Arm with a #2 Pencil


Poetry, published by Kung Fu Treachery Press July 2018. 

 A brutal and funny poetic journey about the pain of state and womanhood, political and personal revolving around the itinerary of corporate America. The book centers (barely) on an episode of Star Trek entitled "Journey to Babel". This is not a fan-book though, it is a staggeringly triggering anarcho-feminist manifesto.

"Every line is a punch line." --fellow who wears his bike helmet inside the bar the entire night 

Gasconade …………...…... it means extravagant boasting


poetry, published by NightBallet Press, April 2018. 

" Gasconade is a delightful romp through the little moments that matter, the big stories that define a life, and the special people one never forgets. Powers artfully tells tales and repeats conversations, letting the reader in on secrets, epiphanies, and hilarities, sometimes thrilling, sometimes gruesome, always fascinating. "

--Dianne Borsenik, publisher

To Grow a Hole the Size of Everything


Poetry/visual art collaboration with Jason Preu, published-ish 2019 by Stubborn Mule Press.

Over 100 full-color pages illuminating Preu's stunning poem, To Grow a Hole the Size of Everything. This hybrid book represents 9 months of drawings and paintings, a true epic. Must be seen to be seen.

Sparkle Princess vs. Suicidal Phoenix


poetry, published by Spartan Press, December 2017. 

The first new and collected by JP, this book contains poems from many older books that are either out of print or hard to find, plus some new gems including a couple of the MILEY CYRUS poems!