Poetry/ Storytelling Performance

Can travel, will surprise and delight. Performances can be seen on my youtube channel. Book via email at

Poetry or Publishing Workshop

Workshops for poetry, critique, generative, performance art, marketing, publishing, community organizing available. at

Performance Art

Solo or collaborative performances, existing or by design. Previous performances found on my youtube channel. at

Hiring | Collaboration | i can help with your dream


Book Layout & Design

I believe strongly that the most important thing when working on your book is that your best voice shines through. I listen very well and we will work through your vision to make the highest quality book possible. 

I have packages which range from very simple edits to your book, to full-scale layout, design, and manufacture of your book. I can be a "monkey editor" and just do simply copy edits or you can call in the "dragon editor" and really give a hard work-over to your writing.

Prices are very reasonable and designed to be recouped with sales of first box of books. Email me at at to start a conversation.

Here are some of the books I've brought from layout to successful event release:

(coming 2018)

A Plum Job: How to Obtain a Political Appointment in Washington DC | by John W. Anderson


Homeless, with Honor | photography documentary by Sharon Rodriguez

Whiteout | visual essays on privilege by Hugh Merrill

More Poems About Purple Wizards and Other Neon-Bright Exceptionalisms | poetry by Jason Preu

a banner year. | poetry by Iris Appelquist

Homeless, not Invisible | photography documentary by Sharon Rodriguez

Striking the Black Snake: poems from Standing Rock | poetry by Water Protector MG Salazar

Finding Zen in Cowtown: 30 poems about Kansas City | anthology by Spartan Press

Voices: the impact of MO's death penalty | anthology by Chameleon Press

Desolate Country: poets united against Trump | anthology by 39 West Press

Prompts: a spontaneous anthology | poems from the poets of Poetic Underground by 39 West Press

POP POETRY: #12poetsin12months | series 2015-2017 with Jason Ryberg by Spartan Press

Event Production

A successful event launch is no small task and I have oodles of experience on all fronts thanks to my four years experience advocating, educating and elevating artists and producers of all types at the generative performance art venue, Uptown Arts Bar. At a ball park figure, I'd say I've overseen on some level over 2000 events. I've been lead organizer for more than 50 diverse events.

Services include any or all of the following: program conception, venue placement, branding, finding artists/djs/poets/hosts/dancers/performers/etc, advertising, poster design, promotions, sound tech, stage manager, MC.

email at to start a conversation.


I write grants for organizations who are doing work I believe in. I shine at the special combination of crystalline writing and incisive research which leads to successful grant writing. I'm definitely still learning the ins and outs of different granting organizations, but you should reach out by email ( @ and see how we might work together on funding your arts/community development/activist programs.

I currently assist Poetic Underground, Fountainverse: KC small press poetry fest, and Chameleon Arts with grantwriting and have been awarded over $8,000 in the last two years, and am expanding this year and writing over $30,000 worth of grants for programming in 2018.

Brand Management

"Brand" management is a loose term for a number of ways I can improve your ability to talk about your art, your programs or your business. What I really like to do with artists is "idea-farm" where we discuss practical steps for you to advance your arts career or business.  I listen to your goals specifically and offer advice, guidance and resources which suit you individually. 

I can: write artist-statements, improve website content, clarify language on event invitations, improve social media reach, advise on marketing, facilitate meetings, curate networking, and increase your online presence.

I've developed and currently executive produce four successful, weekly open mics for Arts Bar, an arts business which has seen 300% increase in sales and 500% increase in attendence in the three years I've worked for them. I also developed Poetic Underground open mic sequence into a destination reading which is now executive produced by the indominatable-force-to-watch Samantha Slupski. And of course I'm on the team for Spartan Press, EMP Books, Fountainverse and Chameleon as well.

Critique | Life Coaching

I love having deep conversations about art with passionate people. If you are longing for someone to talk serious art with, so am I. Please, email me, dm me, send me work, let's talk art. I'm lonely. I'm longing for more peers.

If you want to pay me to tell you how to improve your life, that sounds like a dream job! Let me help you out of that awkward stage and into the person you want to be!


I am very interested in doing new things and tackling big dreams. If you have a stunning idea and need a dedicated workhorse, hit me up. If you want to do a book together or send me a poem for illumination, I can't wait to to talk. If you just want to croon over poetry near a river, I'm in.

Also, I offer a special service you might call "Crisis Management" and I like to call "Dream Insurance." If someone is doing something amazing and they are the boss applesauce and don't have a support system to maintain the program/business/whatever while they are sick: call me. I excel at interim management and will honestly evaluate the situation and let you know a real plan of maintenance. 

I despise it when anything dies and I can help.