Dandylion riot poetry & book tour 2020 | Coast to coast

About JP


A Brief Glimpse Within

Jeanette Powers is a poet, novelist, performance artist and visual artist from the Midwest of the US. They have been working professionally in the arts since 2013 as part of numerous community based projects. They ran the generative performance arts venue, Uptown Arts Bar, from 2013-2019, facilitating between 50-75 original performing arts shows each month. The venue had an intersectional magic, and had performers and audiences both of incredibly diverse composition. It was especially open to KC's bold and amazing trans community. 

JP currently is preparing for the 2020 Dandylion Riot Tour, which is an exploration of alternative communal living experiences as well as many stops to read poetry across the US. They also are the founder and editor in chief of Stubborn Mule Press, a small, indie poetry press focusing on marginalized poetic voices who explore the inner frontier. JP has worked as Logistics Guru for FountainVerse: KC Small Press Poetry Fest since 2016, and is thrilled to see that festival grow. It is now the cornerstone of sponsor Charlotte Street Foundation's "Literary Month of October" and expanding with them into their new arts complex.

Powers' work can be found across the web on many literary sites, including Thimble Lit Mag, The Wild Word, As It Ought To Be Magazine and more, and they have nine books of poetry out and their first novel, Victimless Crime, is now available. JP also features at universities for poetry readings and offers workshops to all sorts of communities.