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buy the latest book: Killing Karma's Goat

Chapbook release by Analog Submission Press, this book of poems is a jaunt through life on the river with me and my dog, being a radical country heathen and some punk rock rage thrown in for good measure. Very limited run of 25 available! purchase through the press here for 3 Pound, plus shipping.

"Jeanette is the greatest poet of all time." 

--dude who is trying to bang me from Ohio.

buy here


Victimless Crime

My first novella, coming out early-ish 2019 by Outlandish Press. This fiction is an intense expose into co-dependent and abusive relationships.

"I've never read anything like it." --Shiva, the destroyer

Little Jenny Sue

A chapbook length short story, written as a prompt by Ezhno Martin of EMP Books.  Written from the perspective of a nine-year old girl, a latch-key kid.

"You are my fight song." --Ezhno

Sparkle Princess vs. Suicidal Phoenix

My first new and selected, coming out with Spartan Press on November 27, 2018. HUGE shout out to Elim J. Sidus for the rad cover art!

"My mom is an alien." --Elim