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EMP Books

We publish femmes and freaks in zines and perfect-bounds. JP specializes at EMP on hybrid art&poetry books and collaborations. Founded by Ezhno Martin in 2017 ... hey that rhymes.

Uptown Arts Bar

JP is programming director and all around boss applesauce at Arts Bar, a venue featuring all original performing arts. With up to 75 unique shows a month, this place is activated and blossoming with talent.

Chameleon Arts

We foster and develop KC individuals who are at the crossroads of art and activism, with an eye on supporting emerging programs in pursuit of justice through the arts. We are a 501c3 with a 40+ year history.


JP collaborates with writers to create one-of-a-kind sketchbooks. The books are not quite illustrations, not quite fine art, not quite a standard manuscript, not really a graphic novel. She feels they are closest to Illuminated Manuscripts, so calls them illuminations.

Books of Poetry

Absolute Futility | 2012 | Write the Future

Earthworms & Stars | 2015 | Spartan Press

Tiny Chasm | 2016 | 39 West Press

Novel Cliche | 2016 | 39 West Press

The Cosmic Lost & Found | 2017 | Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective

Don't Lose Your Head | 2017 | EMP Books

Beautiful Earthworms & Abominable Stars: a tribute to Jason Ryberg | 2017 | EMP Books

Perfectly Good Muses: the collected apologies of Jeanette Powers | 2017 | Spartan Press

To Grow a Hole the Size of Everything | illuminations with Jason Preu | 2017 | EMP Books

Gasconade | 2018 | poems | NightBallet Press


Fountainverse is a small press poetry fest going into its 3rd year and based in KCMO. This 3 day event brings together local and national presses, while also featuring open mics and socials. JP is the treasurer and lead grant writer.


No upcoming events.