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Visual Art

JP collaborates with writers to create one-of-a-kind original artbooks. The books are not quite illustrations, not quite fine art, not quite a standard manuscript, not really a graphic novel. She feels they are closest to Illuminated Manuscripts, so calls them illuminations.

Painting, stenciling, printmaking and installation performances are an ongoing artistic exploration. Coming soon is a month long endurance performance piece called "We are nothing without you" designed to engage local community with national artists in the act of art creation.

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Books of Poetry

Gasconade | 2018 | poems | NightBallet Press

To Grow a Hole the Size of Everything | illuminations with Jason Preu | 2017 

Perfectly Good Muses: the collected apologies of Jeanette Powers | 2017 | Spartan Press buy

Beautiful Earthworms & Abominable Stars: a tribute to Jason Ryberg | 2017 | EMP buy

Don't Lose Your Head | 2017 | EMP Books

The Cosmic Lost & Found | 2017 | Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective buy

Novel Cliche | 2016 | 39 West Press buy

Tiny Chasm | 2016 | 39 West Press buy

Earthworms & Stars | 2015 | Spartan Press

Absolute Futility | 2012 | Write the Future

Performance Art

JP is known for her outrageous and high-energy performance poetry. She unites a Finley-Smith-Abramovic high art performance style with modern spoken word poetry. Unfortunately she hasn't recorded very many, but here's one!

Many of JP's performance art is reserved for non-gallery based "shared-space" performances. She seeks to hold up a mirror to the world and interrupt habitual behaviors of day to day living. She calls this approach to street art "Desyncopation."

She also makes a bunch of one take videos ranging from poetry to humor and the just plain absurdism. She loosely calls these "Metaperturbations."

Uptown Arts Bar

JP is programming director Arts Bar, a venue featuring all original performing arts events. With up to 75 unique shows a month, this place is activated and blossoming with talent and community.


Chameleon Arts

JP assists co-directors Samantha Slupski and Caitlin Daily in facilitation of this poetry-centered arts non-profit in KCMO through grantwriting and mentoring.



Fountainverse is a small press poetry fest going into its 3rd year and based in KCMO. 

This 3 day event brings together local and national presses, while also featuring open mics and socials. JP is their resident

 logisitics guru and money-charmer.



No upcoming events.