About JP


Little Jenny Sue was a feral (read: neglected) child who knew no such thing as boundaries because no one was ever there to draw imaginary lines over trees or creeks or the large black stallion who was not after-all so very friendly. She knew something was off, but not what, and thanks to a bit of blind luck never learned to trust adults.

Largely, this all means that grown-ass Jeanette trusts her gut and lets intuition be her guide, and that has lead her to do all sorts of very interesting things, including but not limited to: ziplining the rain forest with iguanas, pulling a sore wild-boar tooth in Tuscany, falling through a hole in the river in the Ozarks, writing a true glutton's meal of books, and knowing how to mathematically describe all transformations between a curved mirror world and her own.

After a sadly failed but earnest attempt (fail-mark @ 12.2010) at becoming an expert chaos theoretician, and after six months weeping over lost potentials, JP picked up her pinky toe by the grit and wit and decided to dedicate her life to her forever secret passion: poetry, performance, writing and drawing.

By random chance and good fortune, this giving up has become a saving grace in JP's life, and she's found she's good at doing exactly one thing:

whatever pleases her.